Conspiratorial [adjective]

Definition of Conspiratorial:

interested, factional

Synonyms of Conspiratorial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conspiratorial:

Sentence/Example of Conspiratorial:

People have criticized the company for not doing enough to crack down on groups spreading the unfounded QAnon conspiracy theories, and then for saying it was banning all QAnon accounts.

Things like the QAnon hashtag save the children, or there was a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton staffers rigging the Iowa caucus.

Now a lot of this starts on conspiracy websites, but it’s on social media that it gets amplified and spread.

The way forward, she thinks, can’t be to just correct conspiracy beliefs on a case by case basis, because research shows compelling false claims spread faster than their refutations.

Conservative social media service Parler has become a haven for hate groups, extremists, and conspiracy theorists, anti-racism watchdog Anti-Defamation League warned on Friday.

Knowing how your vote is counted should be enough to demonstrate the flaws in these mail-in ballot conspiracy theories.

She started a YouTube channel to discuss topics like mental health and conspiracy theories.

If you have an angry conspiracy theory about the timing, don’t send them to me… unless they’re really preposterous.

This was the year where some 70 candidates for office embraced at least parts of the wacky QAnon online conspiracy theory, and one of them — Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia — got elected to Congress.

A label added to the tweet reads “Learn about US 2020 election security efforts” and links to other tweets about the video, including many explaining that the conspiracy theory is false.