Unpublished [adjective]

Definition of Unpublished:

not published

Synonyms of Unpublished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpublished:

Sentence/Example of Unpublished:

Did you not say it was an unpublished song written by a messmate of yours?

Replies to Matthew Arnold's American criticisms (unpublished).

It was unpublished at the time of his death, but could not be found among his papers.

From an unpublished trial in the Justiciary Court at Edinburgh.

It has an airy freshness, and is (as I believe) unpublished.

He seems clearly to have been Popes informant about the unpublished Labeo.

Trust my poems, some of which are unpublished, to the post-office?

You do not know what is being said already about your unpublished work.

I speak of private, unpublished facts, facts known only to me or to his wife.

Communicated by Moltke Moe, from his unpublished collection of folk-tales.