Backdoor [adjective]

Definition of Backdoor:


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Sentence/Example of Backdoor:

He went out through the backdoor into the garden: stood to listen towards the next garden.

He went out by the backdoor into the garden, and saw how the sky was clouding up from the south-west.

The last Royalist defender of safe measures had vanished through the backdoor.

Early next morning, he tied up his clothes in his handkerchief, crept downstairs noiselessly and let himself out by the backdoor.

I had left of drinking of water from the year of '89 in America, but there was a well close by the backdoor.

If ye think I'm croodin' the gentlemen, I'll gang oot an' sit on the steps o' yer backdoor, but, guidness only kens!

Instantly the backdoor assumed the chief position of interest.

So unhappy she was that George immediately planned her a backdoor of excuse.

Because it served to neutralize Russia as a potential, backdoor combatant, a-la Vietnam.

Kentuckians were left practically alone to defend the backdoor of the young Republic.