Communion [noun]

Definition of Communion:

affinity, agreement

Synonyms of Communion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Communion:

Sentence/Example of Communion:

When I was a kid, watching the bowl of sujeonggwa disappear into individual cups felt as ceremonious as bowing before our ancestors and elders, intentioned as taking communion in church.

This hurly-burly,” said he, drawing her into a quiet eddy of the stream, “is no place for the communion of two twin souls.

The central ceremony of the confarreatio was an act partly of sacrifice, partly, one might almost say, of communion.

Some are constantly being added, others are removed from her communion on earth, but her characteristic absolute identity remains.

The privileges enjoyed by the children of those in communion with the Church, manifest them to be under obligation.

All who are not in the communion of the true Church, are exposed to the wrath threatened against those who are far from God.

The archdeacon speaks of spiritual geniuses, "geniuses in the region in which man holds communion with God."

That family, by displaying God's covenant, invites to its communion many who would have perished.

Whatever is enjoyed in communion with God is inseparably associated with good to follow.

The desire for communion with the holy dead continued throughout successive generations.