Primitiveness [noun]

Definition of Primitiveness:

grimness, barrenness

Synonyms of Primitiveness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Primitiveness:

Sentence/Example of Primitiveness:

Primitiveness, we must remember, does not depend on antiquity of date.

He accounts for its 'wildness' by its primitiveness; it was blasphemous because savage.

He is a very likable man, and there is little about his primitiveness that is repulsive.

Our object has been to defend the ‘primitiveness of fetichism.’

"One judges the primitiveness of a race by its cultural and technological institutions," Harkaway said, with a lofty smile.

The strong, primitiveness of him was as alien to anything that was in Ruth as if the two had never seen each other before.

In their ordinary life the Bahrein people still retain the primitiveness of the Bedouin.

If it be correct, as I still think it is, it cannot but be fatal to the Arunta claim to primitiveness.

But as is invariably the case in Turkey, close inspection revealed the primitiveness and roughness.

Thus the simplicity of Patrick Henry's habits and tastes might be inferred from the primitiveness of his dwelling.