Spareness [noun]

Definition of Spareness:

grimness, barrenness

Synonyms of Spareness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spareness:

Sentence/Example of Spareness:

People judged by his spareness: he wished he could get a little fatter.

She fretted over the spareness of the younger girl, who ate only when she was urged.

Modern simplicity must show the spareness of asceticism, not the leanness of anmia.

The well-rounded form took away all hint of spareness, while it did not destroy the promise of endurance.

Griffeth's figure was slight to spareness, and save in moments of excitement there was something of languor in his movements.

The spareness of our forces was thus betrayed by this meeting, which was in effect a council of despair.

The type is uniform—medium stature, spareness, dark eyes and hair, and olive complexion predominating.

Indeed, the spareness of their coverings was a matter of some regret and anxiety on Percival's part.

He was rather undersized, as Chinese go, and the Chinese narrow shoulders and spareness of flesh were his.

By the way, is it not possible that the spareness and slenderness of your person may be owing to the same cause?