Refresher [noun]

Definition of Refresher:

restorative drink, medicine

Synonyms of Refresher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refresher:


Sentence/Example of Refresher:

It is evident that he had need of that fortifier and refresher.

When you are away for any length of time from this planet, you must take a refresher course.

And, added to this, both receive a refresher of fifteen guineas a day.

The last was that of the genius Kebhsnuf, the refresher of his brethren.

I feel as if I needed a refresher after all this excitement.

Even I'll have to take a refresher course before I'll be able to go outside the landing buildings.

I do envy you a bit of London life—as a refresher: not that I crave to live there always, but to go occasionally.

Back of the Refresher, at about eye-level, are three Venusian coconuts that a Hittite strongman threw there during a major brawl.

During one of my rare nights in town—to get a refresher from outlandish stuff in Alice's company—I bought some toys.

A refresher of a few hundreds would have been impolitic to this kind of man; but the entire sum!