Conditioner [noun]

Definition of Conditioner:

restorative drink, medicine

Synonyms of Conditioner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conditioner:


Sentence/Example of Conditioner:

We sealed the car up, started the air conditioner, and were ready for departure.

You may not appreciate the value of using such a conditioner, but the Kentucky Agr.

It was coming from the air-conditioner grille which was now covered by welded steel bars.

Lester,” Suzanne shouted over the air-conditioner din, “we have visitors.

The smell of goop and fuser and heat filled the room, and an air-conditioner like a jet-engine labored to keep things cool.

A positive tonic and conditioner for poultry of all kinds and ages.

In both his Fat Man suits and his osmotic air conditioner, Tom had already perfected ways of drawing oxygen from sea water.

We only need a youth of the proper general physical description and the use of a conditioner.

The plant was hot without the air-conditioner, especially in the vicinity of the electronic roasters.

A room air conditioner should be on (a general purpose, an individual) circuit.