Introductory [adjective]

Definition of Introductory:

preliminary, first

Synonyms of Introductory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Introductory:

Sentence/Example of Introductory:

Students who score a three or higher on the five-point scale are often able to earn college credit or bypass introductory college classes in topics from biology to world history.

A 30-day introductory course is meant to be a “wide funnel,” and more in-depth, long-term curriculum will also be available.

The learning activity can be entirely screen free as introductory paper guides are included in the pack.

Half of the drivers were told the system was called “AutonoDrive” and given introductory information that focused on how it would reduce their workload.

If writing a blog post, I’ll generally add it right below the introductory paragraph.

We changed the introductory offer … to 50% off the full rate for your first 12 weeks.

I started the testing with an introductory program run by iFit trainer Gideo Akande.

First, learn the basics by taking an introductory canoeing course through an organization like the American Canoe Association.

UE is taking pre-orders now for an “introductory” price of $249.

Aside from an introductory call, he had no interaction with his teacher.