Portfolio [noun]

Definition of Portfolio:

flat case for transporting papers

Synonyms of Portfolio:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portfolio:


Sentence/Example of Portfolio:

And if he lays it by, what becomes of his portfolio when he is unchained for a holiday?

Francois asked him, as he placed his copy of Mantegna's figure in his portfolio.

He was an enthusiast, and his portfolio was full of schemes of far-reaching magnitude.

I asked the Queen to whom she thought I ought to commit the portfolio.

Again the distracted man ransacked his papers and shook his portfolio.

The secretary opened his portfolio on the table and prepared to write.

His secretary entered, followed by a courier, carrying a portfolio.

He lifts the portfolio from the table, and takes it into the inner room.

As he was going out he caught sight of the portfolio of sketches.

I had a drink or two and I was wondering all the time what was in that portfolio.