Slang [noun]

Definition of Slang:

casual dialect

Synonyms of Slang:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slang:

Sentence/Example of Slang:

And as Monny remarked, in neat American slang, we were "right up against it."

She knitted her brows over this fresh specimen of American slang.

Ordinary London slang is full of witty things said by nobody in particular.

In short, to use a slang expression, I distinctly got away with it.

Tim was picking up all the city boys' false pride as well as their slang.

But I never knew what the slang meant until I came out here.

And, with this slang reflection, he sauntered into the inn to wait for his horses.

Among all these wanderers there is a current slang of the roads, as in England.

Slang has its value for it has taken place of much profanity.

Slang and profanity, and logic and thought don't mix well together.