Argot [noun]

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His songs were in argot French, imitations of what he had heard in low cabarets on the Seine when he was at work there.

She smiled as portions of the argot the painter beside her was using, filtered into her consciousness.

No sensible man can envy Asylas, to whom the language of birds was as familiar as French argot to our young décadents.

But in the outer salon the talk was to the last degree shoppy, and overflowed with the argot of the studios.

You are really not at all sure that the white face belonged to Argot, are you?

I shouted, as Argot (for it was indeed he) tried to fire over his shoulder.

Cline moaned aloud, with a bleating noise, and gabbled argot as she tidied the belongings which Mademoiselle had flung everywhere.

They have signs by which they may recognize each other, and a language, or argot, peculiar to themselves.

She constantly used the argot of French thieves, which was often difficult for the young Englishman to understand.

Just now he leaned forward and addressed the boy in a conversational tone and an argot that savoured of the alley-playground.