Lingo [noun]

Definition of Lingo:

dialect spoken by a group

Synonyms of Lingo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lingo:

Sentence/Example of Lingo:

In mathematical lingo, a set that allows addition and subtraction is called a group.

All inaugurations are, in the lingo of security experts, high-value targets for attack.

Every industry has its own lingo that makes no sense in another context.

You baito where you are,” he commanded, bidding a comrade summon an officer, “or somebody who can talk the lingo.

These travelled follows are outrageous bores, with their bushy moustachios and outlandish lingo.

Because I do not patter the flash lingo with you, you appear to take me for a college professor in disguise.

The contrast when the good man got into the pulpit and began to pray in a borrowed, washy lingo—extempore in more senses than one!

I learned Pinky to speak a little English an' she learned me her lingo, an' we got along mighty fine.

They seemed sociable fellows, among themselves, laughing, joking and talking in their lingo.

Elsewhere the constant presence either of semi-poetic phraseology or of some kind of "lingo" was almost fatal.