Converging [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Converging:

Considered together, they would all be shadowy approximations converging on a sort of ideal cube.

Globally, the political discourse is converging around gender parity.

Two reinforcing features of our political system have converged to create that result.

In the long term, shareholder interests and stakeholder interests tend to converge.

Their focuses often converge upon predicaments of preternaturally smart, Jewish women.

Because we live at a moment when work and life are converging.

As the hot and cold drink businesses converge, this upstart is giving Coke and Pepsi a run for their money.

Bad weather, rising fuel costs, and population growth had converged to send the cost of food commodities soaring.

That all of this converged that afternoon may be a coincidence — or it may be been a series of toppling dominoes.

She describes the choice to quit her job in the sector and start her own business as a choice to “converge” her identities.