Massing [noun]

Definition of Massing:

consolidation of effort

Opposite/Antonyms of Massing:

Sentence/Example of Massing:

Had they become suspicious, and were even now massing for a surprise attack?

Beyond the station, on either side the road, grey troops were massing.

Lee was massing them in the centre, training them against the eastern foot of the ridge.

Workingmen looking to their guns, massing about the government buildings.

He was aware, too, that a despairing multitude were massing on the decks above him.

Jan. 23—Germans are massing in Hungary; Russians advance in the north.

Previously we at various times explained this massing of words.

In drawing it is similar, in massing, in the placing of spots of interest.

I saw the flash of bayonets in that fringe of woods and I'm sure they're massing.

But by the way they're massing tanks here I think it will be soon.