Centering [verb]

Definition of Centering:

concentrate, draw together

Synonyms of Centering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Centering:

Sentence/Example of Centering:

Principally to ensure military dominance, the conquerors made many main roads, mostly centering in London.

So far as he could learn, the animal seemed to be centering its attention on the caravan that had halted.

With action his shyness vanished and centering his attention on the square case in his hand a cry of pleasure escaped him.

Sponging is another important branch of industry centering here—the entire coast being composed of reefs and keys.

It is the business of the railways centering in Chicago to send the products from Chicago in every direction.

The coil already soaked in hard paraffin is placed concentrically in the ring A by means of a special temporary centering stand.

This is one of the most entertaining stories centering about a girls school that has ever been written.

Cheyenne dogged along behind, suffering keenly from blistered feet, but centering his attention on Bartley's bobbing shadow.

The business here had dragged out to the annoying length of six weeks and his mind was busy with anxiety centering on the hills.

We would not survive if the whole community, centering in the basic function of the mother, did not assume responsibility for us.