Focusing [verb]

Definition of Focusing:

aim attention at

Synonyms of Focusing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Focusing:

Sentence/Example of Focusing:

Four engravings and at least six pamphlets, all focusing on the bawdy house story, were shortly in circulation.

An intricate focusing device had been removed from a wave guide.

They had pinned a big focusing cloth over the front of the Angel's light dress.

The focusing of general attention upon the abstract and universal is a necessary step in the development of the crowd-mind.

Focusing his gaze to a searching squint he tried to single out a culprit from their midst.

It has an automatic focusing lock, which permits the camera to be brought to focus quickly for objects at any distance.

This is interchangeable with the regular back, is provided with ground glass for focusing and takes double plate holders.

A plate adapter (extra) with focusing screen, interchangeable with the regular back, will permit the use of dry plates if desired.

With each one we furnish a leather case and a graduated focusing scale for the camera bed.

Twenty steps down the corridor, a Negro technician was focusing a sharp lens on page three of Arriba for April 27, 1938.