Narrowing [noun]

Definition of Narrowing:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Narrowing:

Sentence/Example of Narrowing:

As they walked single-file through the narrowing of a drift, she wondered about him.

There is no minister here 'trammelled by long years of narrowing education.'

Then, suddenly, I became aware that the path of light ahead of us was narrowing.

Garnache's eyes, narrowing slightly, followed her, like points of steel.

He studied her in silence a moment, with narrowing eyes and tightening lips.

At last it was madame who spoke—very softly, with a narrowing of the eyes.

He had driven at least eight kilometers before he realized that the crack was narrowing.

The region in which the alternative forms are equally good is narrowing.

And yet the man's eyes were narrowing to ominous slits as he started in his direction.

The Mexicans were slowly constricted to an ever narrowing circle.