Outlast [verb]

Definition of Outlast:

endure beyond another

Synonyms of Outlast:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlast:

Sentence/Example of Outlast:

God responds with light and guidance which outlast earthquakes and massacres.

Mrs. Garth's banter was not calculated to outlast this kind of assault.

A well-bred horse will outlast a common one, because it tries harder.

When the right virtue is in them, they outlast every other work of man.

Ain't it strange that a piece o' caliker'll outlast you and me?

Even the forests that wave on your slopes will outlast empires.

The memory of it will outlast all the thrones that exist to-day.

I feel a presentiment that I shall not outlast the rebellion.

Dont you fancy, Lady Angela, that the Church will outlast all attacks?

The tendency to testify is older than camp-meetings, and it will outlast them.