Defending [verb]

Definition of Defending:


Opposite/Antonyms of Defending:

Sentence/Example of Defending:

If we run on another half mile we shall be shot down where we stand without any means of defending ourselves.

We have had fighting enough, Heaven knows, but we felt that by ‘doing’ he meant ‘attacking,’ not ‘defending.’

In truth Lewis had a strong personal motive for defending Berwick.

He was killed at Saint-Merri cloister on June 6, 1832, where he was defending ideas not his own.

They all looked very cheerful; but I hear they all die defending what they did to the King to be just; which is very strange.

They know that I am a lioness defending her young, and that I alone prevent their daring hands from seizing your crown.

Thyrsis had taken his part in the conversation before this, defending himself and setting forth his point of view.

In vain did the guard attempt to draw him out from this asylum, the elephant firmly defending him with his trunk.

It may also have happened because they, were interested in defending a cause with which their own position was allied.

Others, Fergan among them, preferred staying in the city and defending themselves against the King unto death.