Conserve [verb]

Definition of Conserve:

save, protect

Synonyms of Conserve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conserve:

Sentence/Example of Conserve:

It will not conserve Christianity, but may be purified by it, even if able to flourish without it.

Barrington back into the present, to conserve his energies, to make him a man of action again.

Boil together a few times, and then pour the conserve into cases.

You have heard how women strive to conserve the lives of children, to make them strong mentally, morally and physically.

There is simply one way to conserve our natural resources, and that is to educate the farmer (applause).

A few years ago, we had a rare conserve from Constantinople and Smyrna, called fig-paste.

So will they fulfil their official oath, and conserve the great ultimate Purpose of Law itself.

She must conserve her health for this; she must develop her powers for this; she must train herself heroically for this.

It is better policy to conserve the strength of the beast of burden whether horse or daughter.

First, somehow to conserve the work we have already done in the South where the migration is leaving.