Wrangling [verb]

Definition of Wrangling:

fight, argue

Synonyms of Wrangling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrangling:

Sentence/Example of Wrangling:

We have a few moments to spare; let us not waste them in talk like wrangling women.

"In God's name let us keep from wrangling," the Duke besought them.

Harris, wrangling with another workman, was now seen approaching.

There was riot, wrangling, hubbub and cursing, till the hour of evening prayer.

War came on while governors and assemblies were wrangling to no purpose.

They were wrangling amiably on that point when they returned to the widow's cottage.

So they fell to wrangling in a more unreasonable manner than ever.

Strife and wrangling have made him rich, and he is thankful to his benefactor, and nourishes it.

Over every counter there was wrangling from morning to night.

We heard them wrangling and grumbling as they searched all about Cartref Pellenig.