Reflect [verb]

Definition of Reflect:

give back

Synonyms of Reflect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reflect:

Sentence/Example of Reflect:

But least of all can I bear that you should reflect upon my mother.

It might be well for him to reflect that agitation was a two-edged sword.

It was awful to reflect how many sermons must have been written there.

He did not reflect that just because he was not his, he did not feel the wounds that disabled from action.

I cannot reflect upon this dreadful scene, but sorrow fills my heart.

It is comfortable to reflect, that both are among the soldiers of the Queen.

It was a great shock to meet him in the wood, but I had no time to reflect just then.

The Assistant Commissioner paused in his speculations to reflect for a moment.

After this profound observation the experienced Toodles seemed to reflect.

Without stopping to reflect, I ran below and secured my dollars.