Refused [adjective]

Definition of Refused:


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Sentence/Example of Refused:

The superintendent would have refused an interview but for one consideration.

The other two inscriptions, however, refused to surrender their secrets.

She did not glance at him, but held her cigarette in silence and refused to light it.

He scowled upon me with a natural hate, and refused to comply with my request.

But, though his host suggested this, Andrew refused to move his blankets.

A choice had been put before her in deadly earnest; she had refused to make one.

He tried to swear Edith and me to secrecy, but we refused to be sworn.

I refused the offers, because my Master's work was of more importance than my ease.

Since then, he had striven to obtain another interview with his bride, but she had refused him.

The school, therefore, accepted the miracle, but refused the kiss.