Inviolable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inviolable:

Take care of what you are about to do, Seor Captain: I belong to the church, and this gown renders me inviolable.

Again the brothers glanced at each other with a look which said: "The hotel de Soissons is inviolable."

His claim to it could not be maintained by law, but was confirmed by public opinion and by inviolable custom.

If there be no law, sacred and inviolable, not created by man, what standard can we find to judge whether an act be just or not?

The persons of the tribunes were declared inviolable, and any one who attacked them was thought to be accursed.

The Spanish historians relate a memorable instance of inviolable regard to the principles of honour and truth.

There was an inviolable hush over the whole affair, but no tragedy, no publicity, nothing ugly.

When a child sits down for serious practice on some work, his time should be sacred and inviolable.

The pipe bearer is regarded as heralds were formerly among ourselves: his person is inviolable.

The lawful secrets of business and friendship were rendered inviolable, by the resolution for condemning the seizure of papers.