Backhanded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Backhanded:

For myself, though I received only a backhanded blow on the chest, I staggered as if I had been struck with a sledgehammer.

Korman backhanded him across the throat without looking around, with such force that Gibson staggered back and fell.

Simms threw the brim of his soft hat up with a backhanded stroke and shook his head.

The writing was what is known as "backhanded," in strokes which appeared at first sight to be of a uniform lightness.

Mikah asked, and one of the guards backhanded him to the ground.

Whatever this might mean, it was, at best, a backhanded compliment to Hartigan.

Glyddyr turned upon him, and made a backhanded blow at his face.

So the Watch followed behind and vented its contrition on a mob of boys in occasional backhanded cuffs and current imprecations.

With a muted roar, Adam swept his powerful arm in a backhanded arc that caught Brute full on the side of his head.

Nick lifted his hand; and with a vicious, backhanded stroke sent Xavier again reeling across the yard.