Lunatic [adjective]

Definition of Lunatic:

crazy, mad

Synonyms of Lunatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lunatic:

Sentence/Example of Lunatic:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a newly elected member from rural Georgia, has been widely and rightly reviled for her lunatic views.

The veterans both see the same “lunatics are taking over the asylum” script taking hold, especially in the last few weeks, that presaged past meltdowns.

I jumped around the living room like a lunatic, celebrating the Mets’ 5-3 win, their first World Series championship.

Unfortunately, as you say, I was present, and I tell you that our friend Barbiche behaved like a lunatic.

And I should say the same of a still-born baby that I had never seen alive, or of a lunatic whom I had not once seen sane.

The provision of a lodging for a lunatic was, moreover, an exception to the prohibition of the payment of rent for a pauper.

Moreover, the Central Authority took no steps to get such persons removed to lunatic asylums.

There, get along; if he were not so grossly immoral, he would be fit to shut up in a lunatic asylum.

And the wretched lunatic went behind the screen and wheeled out a small wooden quadruped covered with large round spots!

I put it to you as a sensible man,' I began; but it is a waste of time to put anything to a raving lunatic as a sensible man.