Fulcrum [noun]

Definition of Fulcrum:

answer, solution

Synonyms of Fulcrum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fulcrum:

Sentence/Example of Fulcrum:

We found a highly rated budget shovel that features a new take on shovel design—offering a second lower handle and short arm to act as a fulcrum and offset the energy required to throw the snow off the shovel blade.

Even in areas of the Northeast traditionally known more for summer and winter activities, fall has become an unexpected fulcrum of seasonal tourism.

With this fulcrum Bayanne had been moved to negotiate a formal treaty containing all Napoleon's stipulations.

That human individuality may be maintained, man is uplifted only over the fulcrum of his own will.

Once allow them to get a fulcrum and they would move the world.

The fulcrum must be placed above the centre of gravity of the beam.

The centre of gravity must be as near as possible to the fulcrum.

Nevertheless, it contains the great text on the caste-system, the fulcrum of priestly pre-eminence.

The summit of the tripod becomes the fulcrum of a lever of the first order which is able to balance freely in a vertical plane.

Then he seizes the window-frame, intending to get hold of something above which will serve as a fulcrum to move his body.