Lever [noun]

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The 65cc and up bikes start to introduce manual clutches and require more rider skills to modulate the clutch lever and click through gears via the shifter.

It’s gone from a “strategic lever for the future to a strategic lever for right now,” he says.

For Mead and Benedict, social theory was a tool for making sense of the world, but it could also be a lever against your own predicaments.

In that case, even if we can directly manipulate some of them the way we can directly manipulate links, it’s much harder to know which levers to pull and the most direct way to try to impact the numbers we’re judged on, again, becomes brand.

It won’t be without its challenges, but it’s a policy lever we might pull.

A feed-pump forced water into the boilers; each had a safety-valve with a lever and weight.

The gunner's seat moved with the carriage, from which he could elevate or depress the muzzle by a lever.

The action is Cavaill-Coll's latest improvement on the Barker pneumatic lever.

His fingers dropped down to the gear lever, his foot snuggled against the clutch pedal.

In one hand he carried a peevie, a big wooden lever with an iron hook on it, such as men use in rolling fir logs.