Leverage [noun]

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Some observers have said China may have been holding the shipment as leverage to pressure Canada to send Meng Wanzhou, a former Huawei executive and daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, back to China.

That leverage could come in joining the growing chorus of anti-Apple disquiet.

“Having decided that it would rather enjoy the benefits of the App Store without paying for them, Epic has breached its contracts with Apple, using its own customers and Apple’s users as leverage,” Apple said in a court filing Friday.

Alliances are already shifting, with leverage going to countries that can create vaccines, test them, manufacture bulk ingredients, and perform the “fill and finish” bottling.

The researchers call this form of collective action a “data strike,” and say it might help average internet users gain some leverage against major tech companies.

The new taxes, ostensibly leverage for negotiations, seem unlikely to be lifted as discussions between Washington and Beijing turn increasingly turn sour.

It’s imperative that today’s marketers leverage paid search at every stage to create more sophisticated strategies because greater sophistication means less wasted budget and higher quality conversions.

So again, thinking in terms of leverage or how much the president matters, it sounds like you’re describing someone that’s positioning themselves as an attack dog, but is actually a watchdog, if not a lapdog.

And, therefore, it seemed like a good idea to propose a referendum to create more leverage for further renegotiation — while, however, hoping and thinking that the referendum would fail, because then you went out and campaigned for the Remain side.

I bent over and put my hands on my knees to get better leverage just as I had the very first time, but the sheet would not tear.