Fuel [noun]

Definition of Fuel:

something providing energy

Synonyms of Fuel:

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Sentence/Example of Fuel:

Instead, Johnson and co-founder and CTO Julie Blumreiter have developed a way to modify the internal components of the engine to alter its thermodynamics to be able to quickly ignite and combust decarbonized fuels.

That’s the ongoing power of the fossil fuel industry at work.

It’s also risky to do prescribed burns or allow natural fires to rage, since the fuels are so built up in many places, Westerling says.

Even if solar and wind power continue to grow rapidly, they simply can’t displace the vast quantities of fossil fuels used to run industrial processes or generate electricity.

Nikola said Hindenburg took a comment made by an employee of Robert Bosch GmbH, a supplier and investor in the company, out of context and underestimated its capabilities to produce hydrogen for its fuel cell-powered trucks.

They help distinguish who is emitting now from who emitted in the past, who’s emitting more and less over time, and which fuels and activities are driving the change.

For example, if someone has just started to think about buying a new car, they’ll probably want to learn about its fuel economy, safety ratings, special features, and other similar car models.

For one thing, you want to triple-check that you have the right kind of fuel and you know how to light it.

Both countries are scouting for fossil fuels in the azure waters there, where their overlapping territorial claims threaten to spark a conflict.

Shifting one hour ahead reduced the need for artificial light, in turn conserving fuel.