Electricity [noun]

Definition of Electricity:

energized matter, power

Synonyms of Electricity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Electricity:


Sentence/Example of Electricity:

Essentially, a brain-machine interface can use the electricity the brain already uses to function along with a series of electrodes to connect the brain with a machine.

The added value from electricity generation makes this look cheaper than many methods that could pull similar amounts of CO2 out of the air.

Some are outfitted with solar panels, water heaters, and other gadgets that allow them to be independent of water and electricity hookups.

“It’s enough to pay the electricity and the insurance, and it’s nice to give at least a couple of people some jobs,” he said.

Young, idealistic Nikola Tesla came to the United States in 1884 hoping that electricity mogul Thomas Edison would work with him on a new system for generating and distributing electricity.

Both countries insist their nuclear programs are aimed only at producing electricity.

The taller the turbine and the bigger its blades, the more electricity it can produce.

Emerging home energy management systems will allow home owners to heat water, charge home batteries and electric vehicles and run other appliances at times when electricity prices are lowest.

When neurons communicate, they make tiny zaps of electricity.

Triggering this carbon transformation took just a 10-millisecond flash of electricity.