Voltage [noun]

Definition of Voltage:

physical ability, capacity

Synonyms of Voltage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voltage:

Sentence/Example of Voltage:

(b) Turn on all the lamps and measure the voltage of each cell.

Ordinarily the voltage begins to rise immediately and uniformly.

At the point marked 0, the voltage begins to rise very rapidly.

The cell becomes different from the rest in gravity, voltage and bubbling.

The specific gravity is a better guide than the lamps or voltage.

But the voltage may also be increased, as well as decreased.

The voltage then depends on the speed at which the armature is driven.

A machine of this type can be made to respond to any required rise in voltage.

If he drew 26 amperes, the voltage would fall, at the house, 26 volts.

This is a device for increasing the voltage, or pressure, of a current.