Tide [noun]

Definition of Tide:

flow, current

Synonyms of Tide:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tide:


Sentence/Example of Tide:

Exhausted in mind and body, she could not long endure this tide of recollection.

Or, if I'd only got tied up in some way for a few weeks—something I could tide over.

But now came a tide of other news, and almost all of it was stale stuff to him.

There is one stream which I dread my inability to stem—it is the tide of Popular Opinion.

Again she found herself overwhelmed by a tide of reminiscences.

But soon the tide returns, and once more I hear the roistering of the waves.

There's a great roaring in the west, and it's worse it'll be getting when the tide's turned to the wind.

A tide of secret joy swept through him, as he realized his victory.

I tried to think, to struggle against the tide that was sweeping me away.

His troops were nearly all on the other side, when the tide began to rush in.