Stem [noun]

Definition of Stem:

stalk of plant

Synonyms of Stem:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stem:


Sentence/Example of Stem:

Let us rejoice that one such partisan was now at hand to stem the torrent of abuse.

There is one stream which I dread my inability to stem—it is the tide of Popular Opinion.

In his excitement the dominie had snapped the stem of his tobacco pipe in two.

Then one after the other the two tenders puffed away, packed from stem to stern.

And the pick was only the stem of a kau-ling plant, to which a bit of brick had been fastened.

Again, take the stem of the chief tree in Claude's Narcissus.

There are three things we've forgotten, the stem, stern-post, and keel.

It was an eggcup, and its stem had been mended with plaster.

The stem shows to be bulbous and the cap covered with warts.

The gills are somewhat narrower toward the stem than they are in the middle.