Gun [noun]

Definition of Gun:

weapon that shoots

Synonyms of Gun:

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Sentence/Example of Gun:

Federal prosecutors said he acquired 144 guns between 2013 and 2019 and transferred 98 of them to others.

However, finding the “smoking gun” — catching a simultaneous neutrino and radio burst from the same magnetar — will be challenging because such neutrinos would be rare and hard to find, says astrophysicist Brian Metzger of Columbia University.

A statewide reporting project that included VOSD and dozens of other newsrooms last year found that California was only one of five states without uniform regulations for taking a police officer’s badge and gun away.

From the high schoolers in Parkland and beyond, this generation has been the most outspoken about the need for gun control.

For example, you could assume all independent first-time Minnesota voters who have liked the Bass Pro Shop are likely to care about gun rights.

From the outside, groups like these seem obsessed with guns.

They spoke on topics such as guns, property, and the threat posed by “Marxist liberals.”

He says the company waded into the issue by asking customers to leave their guns at home when shopping after a customer in an open-carry state discharged his gun, injuring himself in a Levi’s store.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, he took a strong stand in favor of sensible gun control—even though many Levi’s wearers own guns.

There can’t be racial equality as long as gun violence and voter disenfranchisement persist.