Hardware [noun]

Definition of Hardware:

tools; fittings, especially made of metal

Synonyms of Hardware:

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Sentence/Example of Hardware:

Founded in 2012, the hardware startup most recently raised a $20 million Series D in early 2019, bringing its total funding up to just shy of $50 million.

By 1960, the company had more than doubled in size, to seven people, and they sold an average of 45 cases per day from the trunks of their cars to hardware and sporting-goods stores in the San Diego area.

The mechanisms that allow it to learn are directly embedded in its hardware structure—no extra AI software required.

Swarm prices out its orbital IoT network’s hardware and services

Apple announced Ternus will replace Riccio as the head of hardware engineering overall.

Brackets can be mounted on brick and concrete with anchors, and certain products even include built-in bubble levels, hardware, and templates necessary for assembly.

I am contemplating a major hardware purchase and would prefer a gift card from a hardware retailer.

It’s the interaction of the hardware and software with our personal wiring that gets tricky.

While hardware independence is something the company needs to work on, Huawei also needs to get free of Google's software.

The launches are cheaper, for one, as is the hardware used to build the probes and landers.