Plumbing [verb]

Definition of Plumbing:

probe, go into

Synonyms of Plumbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plumbing:

Sentence/Example of Plumbing:

"There seems to be a leak in the plumbing somewhere on this floor," the man went on.

You may look over the plumbing in the bathroom whenever you are ready.

Constructions involved in the house, other than the plumbing fixtures.

Leadership has improved its table manners, its plumbing, and its God.

And you know that it needs everything from plumbing to linen.

He mends the plumbing, tunes the piano, types—off stage—and plays the saxophone.

"The plumbing could be fixed and the painting also," Flugel retorted.

Wrought Iron is used in the so-called Durham system of plumbing.

The plumbing arrangements, however, were of the most primitive.

Their eyes were used to plumbing depths, and they had seen it.