Metonymy [noun]

Definition of Metonymy:

figure of speech, implied comparison

Synonyms of Metonymy:

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Sentence/Example of Metonymy:

Whether it be synecdoche, metaphor, or metonymy, there is still a figure.

The metonymy is founded on the relation of one thing to another.

The principal varieties of the trope are the metonymy and the metaphor.

In both cases the term so approximates to the meaning of Earth, doubtless by metonymy, as to be indistinguishable from it.

By metonymy from this supreme and metropolitan quarter of Greece, it means the whole country.

Often by a metonymy of speech the name of a part is given to the whole.

Metonymy consists in naming an object by one of its attributes or accompaniments.

The general effect of metonymy is to bring before the mind a definite image, and thus to impart a graphic quality to the style.

Metonymy and Synecdoche are nearly related and in this poem the examples are numerous.

Figurative or tropical language chiefly consists in the transfer of words to new senses, as by metaphor or metonymy.