Execration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Execration:

Many of the Girondists in the Assembly gave vehement but unavailing utterance to their execration of the massacres.

A howl of execration burst forth, but it was stayed by the entrance of two people from the private portion of the palace.

A violent reaction took place on the accession of Decius, whose name became an object of execration to mankind.

The Greek word has become blended with the Hebrew phrase, and the compound used as a formula of execration.

In a succession of libels Spencer Cowper was held up to the execration of the public.

Every one spoke of the Revolution with execration, and of the Emperor with satisfaction.

They will understand why he wished to denounce him to the execration of posterity.

Stover hurriedly dipped in a spoon, tasted it and uttered an execration.

He blinked about him, set both fists on his hips, and then flung an oath of all-comprehensive execration at sea and sky and ship.

The man who fired was Don Pedro, and he turned from the loophole with a savage execration at his failure.