Shamelessness [noun]

Definition of Shamelessness:

arrogance, presumptuousness

Synonyms of Shamelessness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shamelessness:

Sentence/Example of Shamelessness:

Even when my shamelessness makes them not know where to look.

Your shamelessness is balanced with gold for you at every step.

The unconscious grip which the shamelessness of it all had over him was evidenced in what he did.

In all shamelessness, he turned his back on the battle and ran for cover.

But he was shaking his head as he went, at my shamelessness, I suppose.

There was an appeal for pity in the eyes which had once been bright with shamelessness and sin.

How did you ever get the shamelessness to break out of prison with such a wolf's face?!

“To be reviled and to feel no pain,” this is the Chinese ideal of shamelessness.

Howat couldn't point out the shamelessness of such an arrangement.

Their credulity increases the narrators shamelessness; his shamelessness convinces their credulity.