Bloodshed [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bloodshed:

At that moment the crime and inefficacy of bloodshed, in avenging injuries like his, or any injuries, struck upon his soul.

The squabbles between the armed natives and their leaders, however, were several times on the point of producing bloodshed.

The motive of this harmless ruse was to bolster up Spanish prestige and thereby avoid bloodshed.

Amid the perpetration of much bloodshed and tyranny, Christianity has certainly achieved some good.

Thus was a most important revolution brought about without bloodshed, and almost without disturbance.

Bloodshed and cruelty often desecrated the spot sacred to religion and the ashes of the sainted dead.

Meanwhile the tithe question became & fruitful source of discontent and bloodshed.

It was a good and humane action to prevent bloodshed, but the world is not always worthy of good actions.

George's aversion to bloodshed is matter of history; it was also his creed that a good hiding did nobody any harm.

In doing this there need be no bloodshed or violence, and there shall be none unless it is forced upon the national authority.