Replevin [noun]

Definition of Replevin:

case brought to court

Synonyms of Replevin:

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Sentence/Example of Replevin:

He said he wanted to serve a writ of replevin and take the horse.

Well, if I can find them I shall have them arrested and replevin the horse.

I hear the owners are so impudent, that they design to replevin them by law.

Replevin, simpleton, 'tis Dingley I mean; but it is a hard word, and so I'll excuse it.

Is replevin any relation, say a second cousin, to lis pendis?

I asked Mrs. Cody if she could write a writ of replevin and she said she had never heard of such a thing.

I felt that I needed a good deal of bracing in this writ of replevin business, so I drank his as well as mine.

"I don't want your papers," remarked Sylvane, who did not know a replevin paper from a dog license.

Have you a jury trial when a judgment is obtained on a replevin bond or by default?

Rivet refusing to deliver up the statue after Charless return, a replevin was served upon him to compel its surrender.