Litigation [noun]

Definition of Litigation:

matter coming before court of law

Synonyms of Litigation:

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Sentence/Example of Litigation:

Companies that pursue leases in ANWR also will have to weigh the prospects of litigation, investor anger and a tarnished brand—especially large firms with public name recognition.

It was among the earliest litigation of its kind in California.

Seemingly everyone is preparing or hinting at litigation, including the city.

The law firm that produced the report, Hugo Parker, is already advising the city on asbestos-related litigation.

Written by a law firm that’s already advising the city on asbestos litigation, the 40-page document offers a glimpse into San Diego’s flawed handling of its real estate.

Under the agreement staying federal litigation, it appears the Water Commission is going to do just that.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation declined to comment, citing ongoing litigation.

Such evidence may only emerge after several rounds of the discovery phase of litigation, he added.

That the Society be immediately dissolved, in view of pending litigation.

Thus the history of the first66 London playhouse, which is chiefly the history of quarrels and litigation, came to a close.