Mislay [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mislay:

But in case you do mislay it, write to the Publishers for a complete catalog.

They have been known to mislay letters, and then to be ready to swear that they had been mailed.

If you can make him mislay his compass he will never come back to you.'

What a provoking thing it is to mislay a letter; but I suppose it is an oversight you have never committed.

Just mislay the wig and keep out of Georgie's way till the curtain goes up.

But he sped but ill, dwelling alone, inasmuch as he would forget to eat and drink and mislay or lose his hardly won wage.

If you forget the chief clerk, he will mislay your petition, or poison his masters ear.

Peacock says she wrote good letters, but apparently interested people had sagacity enough to mislay them in time.

I don't lose mine much, but gee whiz, I mislay it sometimes.

For some one to mislay or forget a permit was a daily occurrence and the caution had to be repeated often.