Repetitious [adjective]

Definition of Repetitious:

wordy, tedious

Synonyms of Repetitious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repetitious:

Sentence/Example of Repetitious:

If the composer wrote more, it was fragmentary and repetitious.

As far as you know—I will withdraw that, because it would be repetitious.

He had too much reverence for the place and object of the assembly, to indulge in crude and repetitious utterances.

The spirit of play infused into the simplest and most repetitious of household tasks banishes drudgery.

We will do our best to save all that is most valuable in them, while we omit what seems to be irrelevant or repetitious.

They talked further, Sally once again in a state of delight, and Gaga inclined to be repetitious.

The whole elaborate ceremony of the Mass, which is such an enigma to the uninstructed, is nowhere vain or repetitious.

These repetitious tales of grandeur were pitched in the past tense; she took due note of that.

Most parishioners wanted a sermon created by their minister instead of repetitious homilies and constant prayer.

Out of his various and repetitious writings might be compiled quite a hand-book of maxims and wise saws.