Mesmeric [adjective]

Definition of Mesmeric:

appealing, drawing attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Mesmeric:

Sentence/Example of Mesmeric:

Well, tell me, does the influence outlast the mesmeric condition?

But mesmeric influence, whatever it may mean, is entirely independent of sleep.

His father said: “It really seems like a case of mesmeric influence.”

His strangeness, wildness, the mesmeric pull of his passion for her, his music!

I said, when they were all in the mesmeric trance; here you are in my dime museum.

Neither hypnotism nor mesmeric control are elements in true mind-healing.

The star held her gaze as though it possessed some mesmeric power.

Knowing this, you can place any person in a mesmeric sleep, and then be able to do with him as you will.

And with a wave of the hand he began anew to plunge her into the mesmeric sleep.

Nevertheless, in her mesmeric sleep, she is submissive as you are.