Prepossessing [adjective]

Definition of Prepossessing:

attractive, handsome

Synonyms of Prepossessing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prepossessing:

Sentence/Example of Prepossessing:

They were, all in all, the least prepossessing group he had ever seen.

"He is a person of most prepossessing manners," said Mrs. Merton.

Mr. Errett's personal appearance is striking and prepossessing.

I assumed a form most prepossessing and most amiable in her eyes.

He was wise, brave, ambitious and most prepossessing in appearance.

As we approached the ship, her appearance was not prepossessing.

They certainly were not a prepossessing or good-natured acquisition to the party.

Farley was far from prepossessing either in appearance or words or actions.

In person, he was rather awkward; and, in manners, far from prepossessing.

His appearance and manner were prepossessing, and we at once became intimate.