Likable [adjective]

Definition of Likable:

nice, pleasant

Synonyms of Likable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Likable:

Sentence/Example of Likable:

This is, among other things, a challenging interrogation of the presumption that a book’s protagonist should be likable.

If you’re female and deemed not likable, then you’re probably also labeled as “rude”—at the very least.

At the center of this thrilling battle are 16-year-old Rye Dolan and his older brother, Gig, two of the most likable characters you’ll ever meet.

You have to know what you’re saying, control how you move, appear likable and authentic, all while trying to convey a clear message and establish yourself as a legitimate, trustworthy source.

It’s a joy to watch her viciously kick the bathroom door shut as she has her existential crisis — and Rory has always been at her most sweetly likable when she’s helping Paris through a meltdown.

They were fine, clean-cut, likable boys, who had come through the war with colors flying.

The fact that so many German people were likable and that Germany had achieved so much made the case all the worse.

He had a son, Melville, mighty likable young fellow, studyin' law when his paw died.

He is so likable he either induces you to let him out of it or gets somebody to do it for him.

He is the most likable of all the types but his indolence sometimes strains even the love of his family to the breaking point.