Unpopular [adjective]

Definition of Unpopular:

not liked or sought after

Synonyms of Unpopular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unpopular:

Sentence/Example of Unpopular:

The budget of the government introduced January 17th was unpopular.

Stoliker began to feel, poor man, that the paths of duty were unpopular.

I told you I was unpopular: I don't see anybody at all any more.

In doing so I was at times necessarily "ugly," and therefore to some unpopular.

Lydia saw now that whether she was believed or not, she was bound to be most unpopular.

In his capacity of bailiff, Black Sam had been most unpopular in the country.

I began teaching freedmen when it was so unpopular that men could not have done it.

The unpopular debater in England might have his windows smashed.

There may be points in a man's character which may make him unpopular.

Darling Chloe, this company is not so unpopular with me as once it was.